Turning Point Recovery Center of Springfield, Vermont, Inc., offers programs and services available for the Windsor County communities.

We are committed to helping everyone achieve sobriety and recovery. 

Transitional living program

The Transitional Housing program, which is a huge part of the recovery center, provides individuals in recovery, to have a safe, substance-free, housing opportunity. Housing consists of individuals suffering from addiction on all levels, (ie. incarceration, homelessness, broken families). Providing individuals with outlets to recovery and other local services, the Transitional Housing Program gives a positive success rate by preparing the individuals with support and education they need to relocate back into the community.


Recovery coach program

The Recovery Coach services are certified coaches that help with peer to peer support for sobriety; providing office, meeting, and vocational training for local community organization aligned with the mission of the Turning Point Recovery Center. These coaches establish a personal plan for the individual and their steps towards sobriety. While maintaining client records and treatment services, or dispensing medications, Recovery coaches are trained to support and prioritize the actions and steps needed to becoming successful in recovery. Together the recovery coach and individual will explore local services to create a personal plan, committed to recovery.


Pathway guide program

The Pathway Guide program is funded through the Vermont Recovery Network and are placed at recovery centers to work with people who are receiving Medication Assisted Treatment for opiate addictions. The Pathway Guides are available to provide support to individuals, help engage with people, ask questions about their recovery, and to advocate. The Pathway Guide program collaborates with the opiate treatment "Hubs" and "Spokes" to provide ongoing services for individuals in Medicated Assisted Treatment. Guides are also available to help patients who want to transition toward abstinence-based recovery by introducing them to the peer-to-peer recovery community who use this approach.

hands-in-the-field garden program

The Hands-in-the-field program is very unique to our center. Together, our house guests, staff, and volunteers work endlessly to construct, start seedlings, plant, and gather produce in our large garden out back to help our community. The produce is collected and distributed between house guests, and then brought to our local farmer's market in town to sell. Along with the produce grown, our garden program has expanded to an herb garden, and canning program to make homemade sauces, pickles, and other homemade products to help increase our funding for the Turning Point Recovery Center.

These are just a few programs that we offer. If you would like to hear about other programs available, please contact us at (802) 885-4668 or at spfldturningpoint@gmail.com